We believe there are two stages we must follow in order to provide you the customer with the best possible used car. This is a process we follow regardless of the value of the car.

Stage 1: Sourcing a genuine car

Starting at the initial phone inquiry we ask the right questions and utilising our years of experience purchasing cars we can identify very quickly from the seller if the car is justified of a viewing. We will purchase a history check to ensure there is no outstanding issues associated with the car.

On inspection of the vehicle, we conduct a thorough examination of the vehicle bodywork, mechanical condition, and review the service history / documentation associated with the car. We will test drive the vehicle at cold and warm temperature to further test the mechanical condition of the car.

All our cars are handpicked and inspected by us, if all of the above tests meet our required standards we will arrange to have the car transported to our forecourt.

Stage 2: Preparing the car for sale

On receiving our cars to our forecourt our aim is to present and sell you a car in the best possible condition, as such all our cars are sold with the following benefits:

Full Engine service

Exterior Bodywork detailed to showroom standard

Interior Valet

Registration fees paid and Irish Plates fitted

All of our cars are sold with a new NCT

3 -12 Month extended warranties available

Other optional extras available on request such as privacy glass, alloy wheels, etc.

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